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Cardone & Daughter Automotive offers in-house alignment services

We offer state of the art 4-wheel, Hunter Hawkeye Elite

computerized alignment technology right in the shop, our technicians

can ensure your vehicle's alignment.

4 Wheel Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Machine
John doing an alignment on this 1969 Chevy Camaro Z28

Why does a car need an alignment?

Proper wheel alignment is crucial to the longevity of your tires as well as reducing the wear and tear on the steering and suspension components of your vehicle.


Misaligned wheels can lead to:

●  Accelerated tire wear

●  Uneven tire wear

●  Unsafe tire wear

●  Reduced MPG (as your vehicle works harder to drive straight)

What factors can affect/alter the alignment of a vehicle?

  1. Normal/acceptable wear deflections of suspension and steering components - Alignments compensate for this normal wear

  2. Worn out suspension and steering components - these should be inspected at least once per year or every 15K miles

  3. Driving on poorly maintained roads, even hitting pot holes or curbs can affect a vehicle's alignment

How do I know it's time for a wheel alignment?

Some symptoms to look, listen, or feel for are:

●  Uneven tire wear (particularly on inside edges)

●  Accelerated tire wear

●  Vague steering, usually at higher speeds

●  Vehicle pulling or drifting to the left or right

●  Crooked steering wheel when driving straight

●  Excessive squealing tires (usually on turns)

Still unsure of whether your car may be in need of an alignment?

Call us today to schedule a visual inspection and test drive

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